Under water

Hi there,

Perhaps have you heard about the flood of the Seine this week...

We live in front of the Marne which is usually a very nice scenary but the water is very high at the moment (around 5 meters higher than usually). This is the highest level of the river since 1910! Our cellar and our parking space are at the level -1 and are safe but the level -2 has already 3cm water...

It's worth some pictures!

Usually there is a wooden path and we can walk along the river... The spring was really bad this year in Paris - am I cursed???

Otherwise everyone is ok. We planted some seeds and made some "chocolate brownies cookies" (here is the receipe).

Thomas is still commuting but it seems that it will end by the end og July - fingers crossed!

How are you ???

 The Caballero Family ;)