Weekend in Edinburgh

Hi there!

Here are some pictures of our weekend in Edinburgh. 

We enjoyed a wonderful weather and we were so happy to see some of you!!

We had a quick look to our former home, a nice walk through the Meadows, a stop at the Scottish Museum to warm up a bit :), a lunch at the Pizza Express with the Warren family, a walk through Newtown, a delicious dinner and breakfast at Lila and Phil's place. On Sunday Ntalia, Jamie and Niall joined us for a sunny walk at the Blackford pond and we finished with a stop in the Pentlands to see Susan and her ponies! 

Busy weekend, isn't it?

The girls were very happy to see Thomas' flat in Stirling and we were really pleased to listen to Charline speaking english. We were so happy to spend time with all of you. Edinburgh is still in our hearts ^_^

We hope to see you in Paris soon!