Happy birthday Anaïs!

Hi everyone!

How are you?
Today was Anaïs' birthday, a good day to give you some news from us!
I've been back to work for 1 month and I'm pretty happy with it although it is not easy everyday. We have not found our British nanny yet but fortunately a student who lives in our building gives a hand. I hope I will have found a solution within the end of the month. Charline is "obsessed" with My Little Pony so she keeps her English by this way but it is more difficult for Anaïs.

We enjoyed the end of September visiting Paris and Versailles. The weather was really nice but it has definitely turned to winter this week. We still met a lot of our friends.
Château de Versailles
Galerie des glaces
Jardins du Château

The girls are now on holidays for 2 weeks and we planned to visit my parents in the center of France at the end of the week and leave the children for one week with my parents. I have not been to their house in this part of France for 2 years now and I'm looking forward being back there for a long weekend.

Anaïs turns 3 today and get a lot of presents, especially  the blue scooter she was asking for months and months! Charline and Anaïs are now able to compete with each other ;)

THE scooter ;)
Play-dooh from Papi & Mami
Brush and clips from Papou & Mamita
A chocolate tart for dessert!
Thomas is still commuting every weekend and is very busy at work. The girls have settled very well at the school. Nevertheless the quality of life in Paris is not as good as what you enjoy in Edinburgh! We are still thinking about flying to Edinburgh for a weekend at the beginning of December but have not taken the tickets yet. If it is not the case, we will fly in February for sure!

We hope everyone is going well! See you soon!

xx, The Caballero Family